7 Benefits of Sumo Oranges

sumo oranges

If you are involved in the health community, then you must have been hearing the buzz about Sumo oranges this spring. This unique fruit is only available during certain times of the year and you may be surprised to learn how good they are for you. Join us today as we take you through the best benefits of this delightful citrus fruit.

What is a Sumo Orange?

A sumo orange originated in Japan and is often given as a gift. It is a combination of mandarin orange and a California orange. This makes these oranges easy to peel, juicer and lacking seeds. The health benefits for sumo oranges are endless so let’s get into them!

Vitamin C


So we had to start with the most obvious benefit that comes from all citrus fruit, vitamin c. Vitamin C helps protect cells from damage, and help prevent you from getting diseases or infections. They say an apple the day keeps the doctor away but really it’s a sumo orange.

Keeps Away Cancer


According to many medical journals, eating oranges particularly mandarins can help to alleviate your chances of getting liver or breast cancer.

Weight Loss

Trying to drop some weight before bathing suit season? Then you’ll be wanting to include this into your summer diet. Because sumo oranges are so full of fiber, they will help you to feel fuller longer. Thus decreasing your chances of snacking at work or home.



The antioxidants in these oranges help to clear out the bad cholesterol that so often seeps into our arteries. Thus, making room for the good cholesterol to return.

Healthy Skin and Hair


One thing everyone worries about in the summer is protecting their skin from damage. Help to make your skin stronger and more elastic by eating these oranges. Mandarin oranges even give skin that extra special glow!

As for your hair, using a couple of drops of mandarin oil on your hair improves the bounce and quality of the follicles.

Heals Wounds


Hate when you accidentally bump or scrape your leg? Have no fear sumo oranges are here! Mandarin oranges have actually been known to increase the growth in new skin cells so that the healing process should be faster.

Blood Pressure


These oranges can lower your blood pressure. This is due to the nutrients that are housed in this power fruit that help to increase blood flow through arteries.

Which benefit is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!


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