Hi! Thanks for visiting Soundbodylife.com! We’re Olivia and Adam Trainor, the founders of this site. (That’s a picture of us on our honeymoon at Acadia National Park in Maine.)

Today, we are deeply committed to living an honest, full and healthy life that is tune with the world around us. Of course, it wasn’t always this way. When we first met, we were both eating the Standard American Diet (no coincidence that the acronym is SAD!), full of junk and processed foods, and using products that were full of harmful chemicals. Over time though, as we gradually became more in touch with our bodies and realized that what we ate and how we lived impacted how we felt, we began to shift.

We gradually started to learn the value of eating real, wholesome foods. We also started to experiment with making our own household products.

As we began to clean up our diet and our environment, we noticed huge changes in the way we felt, and in our daily performance. We’ve always been fairly active, and maybe a little extreme…(we did get married at the start of a 50k trail race!) but the difference was still huge. And it felt right…we knew that we were making the right choices for our bodies, our planet, and for the new family that we were building.

Our wedding in the woods!

One thing that has continued to bother us as we’ve continued on our own journey towards health and green living, is the sheer amount of misinformation out there. It’s so hard to find real, honest and simple information about how to live a healthier life. There are a few reasons for this, but they pretty much all have to do with money.

The processed foods and products that are making people sick and ravaging our planet are big business….billions with a “b” big. This means that these corporations have the means and the motive to invest in huge campaigns of misinformation to confuse the public and keep profits steady. What’s more, a sad truth of the American political system is that money talks. These corporations have powerful lobbies, friends and employees in high places. This means that some of the government agencies that we would expect to be watchdogs for this sort of thing are actually often funded, or run by the very industries that they’re supposed to be watch-dogging.

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Another piece of the problem is the health industry itself. A simple Google search will result in page after page of diet, fitness and wellness experts. Some of these people are right on, and we celebrate their work. But many promise quick fixes that don’t exist, or claim that their “one true way” is the only path to health. Even some of the best experts directly contradict each other. The reason for this is simple: there’s more money to be made if there’s confusion in the marketplace! Telling people just to eat a balanced diet of real food and to exercise regularly isn’t super sexy. Claiming that your “one true way,” be it a diet, or exercise regimen, etc., now that‘s a moneymaker.

So that was a super long preface all leading up to the big question…what is this site all about? Well, we want to provide what we wished we could have had from the start- a simple, honest guide to health and green living. We want this to be a resource that cuts through all of the noise, and gives honest, objective information so that you as a reader can make informed decisions for yourself and your family. Want to go vegan- awesome (we’ve been there!) there’s a healthy way to do that. Interested in Paleo (been there too!)…there’s a healthy way to do that too. Want to learn how to make your own soap, shampoo or toothpaste? Everything you need to know can be found in these pages. Want to run a marathon, swing a kettlebell, try Crossfit? We’ll give you the honest, objective info that you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

We also want to be honest and upfront about the fact that this website is a business. Some of the links that you’ll see will be affiliate links- that means that if you click them, we’ll get a small commission on any sale, which will help to power this site and keep the lights on. That being said, we will NEVER recommend any products that we do not 100% believe in ourselves. That’s our promise to you- help to support the site, and we will always deliver clear, honest and reliable information and recommendations on products and services.

That’s everything we wanted to say…now we want to hear from you! Visit our contact page, find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc…we respond to every e-mail and message! We want to get to know our community, so that we can learn and grow together!

Thanks for stopping by,

Olivia & Adam.

Sound Body Life Team:

Angelica MartinsAngelica Martins is a busy single mom who is a real estate agent by day. She is passionate about green living and healthy lifestyle. One of her main interests revolve around green products, natural remedies, and healthy cooking. As a mother herself, she understands how important it is to provide a healthy environment for her child. Due to her interests and knowledge, a lot of her friends and family members come to her for advise in terms of healthy living. With years of experience, she is able to share her knowledge on Sound Body Life with anyone who is looking to live a healthier life. One of her dreams in life is to start a non profit organization to help children in undeveloped countries have better access to clean water.

David Bradford

David Bradford‘s passion revolves around healthy lifestyle. He loves being outdoors and staying active throughout the day. One of his mains passions is to teach others how to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. He has been involved in personal training as well as nutrition for many years now that allowed him to gather invaluable knowledge in a wellness industry. He brings to Sound Body Life his expertise and love for healthy lifestyle. One of his dreams is to open his own gym that focuses on spreading awareness not only in terms of fitness but also in nutrition. He believes that fitness and nutrition should go hand in hand with living a healthy life.

Katie Freeman

Katie Freeman has been a yoga enthusiast for six years now. Her love with yoga started while attending Arizona State University from where she received Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Since beginning of her yoga journey, she knew that lifelong practice of yoga was her calling. Graduate student during the day and yoga teacher during the night, Katie continues exploring the world of yoga with a light heart and peaceful mind. One of her passions is to share her knowledge with others and help inspire others to start improving their life through yoga. Although Katie’s main passion is for yoga, she is also big enthusiast in healthy living and everything fitness. One of her goals in life is to write a book.

Michael Green

Michael Green is to go person for everything green. He loves sharing his passion for green products and nutrition. If there is anything that separates Michael from the other authors is his simple approach to life. He believes that what we put in our body should be as close to the nature as possible. The more the food is processed, the worse it is for our body. His main hobby revolves around DIY products and recipes. One of his goal in life is to help as many people as possible to live a healthy and enriched life. He joined Sound Body Life to share his knowledge with others and help anyone who is looking for honest information about healthy living.


Katie Sullivan-Trainor became passionate about living a healthy lifestyle shortly after she graduated a semester early for Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Immediately after graduation she received a Health Educator certification and began working for Real Kids Real Food, a program that teaches underprivileged children about healthy habits and sustainable living. After years of fitness training as a recruited Division I athlete, Katie now enjoys exploring alternative forms of fitness that focus on the mind and body connection. In her free time she is a yogi, amateur rock climber, and recreational basketball player. She currently works as a tutor and social media freelancer.

540948_10200656203593232_350181546_nJen Keehn
is a freelance writer with a strong passion for the written word. It is through her words that she strives to inspire others to expand their minds, reach their dreams, and live their best possible lives. She specializes in health and wellness, yoga, meditation, spirituality, and raising conscious awareness. She believes in the infinite possibility inherent in each of us and desires for everyone to embrace their fullest potential. She also thinks that living a positive life that is grounded in gratitude is the key to lasting happiness. When not writing, Jen enjoys expanding her yoga practice, snowboarding, learning to surf, gardening, and mastering the art of vegan baking. She never gets tired exploring the vast wonder of the world around her.

10360779_10152697057599108_1368256371749268683_nDee Primett is a freelance writer and a mum to two tornados of terror. Dee’s philosophy on life is one of growing through constant learning and self-improvement. She also believes that it is just as important to share knowledge. As someone who has suffered with various allergies and skin complaints since being a small child and being forced onto harsh medications, she is committed to finding natural ways to achieve health and wellbeing, and hopes to share her findings with you through this website.  Dee enjoys foreign travel, sunny walks and reading anything she can get her hands on.

Megan Cantrell

Megan Cantrell is a freelance writer with a passion for all things health, nutrition, and skincare. With a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and a minor in Women’s Health, Megan deeply values scientific evidence and aims to incorporate evidence-based research into each of her articles. Since receiving the diagnosis of Celiac Disease she has become skilled in maneuvering the world of food intolerances and dietary restrictions and enjoys cooking nutritious, colorful, gluten-free meals. She also enjoys practicing yoga and writing. Megan hopes to use her scientific background in combination with her holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle to help others lead happy, balanced lives.

Hayden Claire is a freelance writer who loves all things fitness, food, and beauty. She enjoys making healthy recipes she finds on Pinterest, as well as coming up with her own! Hayden has a background in holistic and alternative health. She is also a certified yoga instructor and meditates daily. After attending beauty school, Hayden gained a growing interest towards all-natural hair and beauty products. Because of her Eco-friendly background, she was not pleased with using products that were tested on animals with tons of chemical additives. After working at an all-natural salon and spa for a few years, she realized that not enough people were aware of all the chemicals they were putting on their bodies each and everyday. This is when she started writing and reviewing beauty products on her blog. She realized she liked it, she was good at it, and has been using her extensive knowledge to inform the general public ever since!