8 Best Aluminum Free Deodorants 2018


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Aluminum has proved to be very harmful to our health. Caution has to be taken when using cosmetic products that have aluminum as it has been linked to conditions such as: breast cancer in women, bone disorders, kidney problems, Alzheimer’s, as well as allergic reactions. We’ve compiled a selection of the best aluminum free deodorants to help you find more natural choices.

Dangers of Using Products Containing Aluminum

Many people tend to be so sensitive to deodorants that contain aluminum.  Hence, it is advisable to go for aluminum free deodorants. If for example, after using a deodorant containing aluminum, you find out that your underarm is irritated, this may be an allergic reaction to the aluminum, which is very dangerous to the body.

Aluminum free deodorants are considered the best option as they contain all the essential oils as well as the natural ingredients, which are great not only for our health, but also for our skin.

Let’s take a look at them:


8. Weleda Sage Deodorant

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Looking for a deodorant with herbal fragrance and pure essential oil? That has only got to be Weleda Sage deodorant. Weleda Sage deodorant consists of organic sage leaf oil, tea tree leaf oil, and alcohol and has a revitalizing scent that lasts the whole day. It also comes with a non-aerosol pump, which makes it safe and comfortable for travel as well as any environment. Best for use by both men and women, you can use this deodorant up to three times a day. Also, if you are just from working out, you may choose to apply it as it will give you a fresh and revitalizing scent.

7. Lafes Twist-Stick Lavender

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Consisting of Lavender, tea tree, powder, aloe vera, certified organic hemp oil, and essential oils and with no fragrance, Lafes Twist-Stick Lavender is an all-natural that is Aluminum, propylene glycol, and gluten free, allowing you to wear your white T-shirts with 100% confidence. The company has an important mandate of ensuring that nature provides all the things we need. And as seen in their line of products, the company has kept its commitment to that objective.

6. Lush the Guv’ner

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Lush The Guv’ner is a fresh handmade deodorant designed for men’s sweaty bodies, but apparently, it also works wonders for women. Featuring Sodium bicarbonate, sustainable powdered charcoal, sage oil, calamine powder, and rose absolute, this powder isn’t only great for use in the underarms, but also inside the shoes to deal with smelly and sweaty feet. Being a powder, Lush is kind of difficult to apply, hence a brush or a powder puff is recommended for an even application.

5. Lavilin 72-hour Stick Deodorant

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Looking for an odor protection that lasts up to 72 hours with just one application? Search no more as Lavilin 72-hour Stick deodorant from Lavilin, a pioneer in aluminum free deodorant, gives you that lasting freshness and odorless experience. Using 0% aluminum, 0% parabens, and 0% alcohol, Lavilin Company makes use of natural plant oils to provide you with a full range of deodorants, foot creams, as well as body lotions all of which work to neutralize odor.

4. Lavanila Healthy Deodorant


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Absolutely aluminum and parabens free, Lavanila healthy deodorant, is just as the name suggests, a healthy deodorant that feeds your girlie side, coming in vanilla coconut, vanilla blackberry, and vanilla grapefruit scents. It is an all-time freshness deodorant you can trust as it causes no irritations whatsoever in your underarms.

3. Underarmed Natural Deodorant

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Underarmed is an all-aluminum, salt, parabens, hypoallergenic, as well as alcohol free deodorant that keeps the underarms fresh for 24 hours thanks to the Equisetum extract present in the deodorant. The equisetum extracts naturally blocks sweat, letting you stay fresh all day long.

2. Geodeo Natural Deodorant


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This unscented Geodeo natural deodorant uses a winning combination of algae, volcanic minerals, and bamboo, instead of aluminum to help combat the daily buildup of impurities, giving you a 24 hour odor protection. Its ingredients include aloe vera and Vitamin E, ideal for women with sensitive skin. It also works to moisturize the underarms.

1. Soapwalla Deodorant Cream


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Ideal for all types of skin, Soapwalla deodorant cream is free from all aluminum compounds, harmful chemicals, and petroleum. It is vegan and consists of baking soda, cornstarch, and kaolin clay, all ideal for helping you stanch the sweat. Other ingredients included in the deodorant are lavender, superfine vegetable powders, as well as tea tree essential oils, all of which absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria, and above all ingredients ensure a long lasting freshness experience.

As earlier noted, aluminum free deodorants should be made of all-natural ingredients as well as essential oils. But with the reviews and reports of the adverse reactions we encounter daily from deodorants with aluminum, it becomes difficult to ignore the risks and dangers of the many deodorants with aluminum available on the market today. We all have a responsibility individually to take the initiative of actively checking the ingredients on deodorants before buying them to ensure they are fit for the skin and our overall health. Here are some additional options to consider if you are mainly interested in all natural brands.


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