The Ultimate Guide to the Best Natural Deodorant (2018 Reviews)


The Best Natural Deodorant. For many of us, those words spark some questions. What are they, how do they work, and do they get the job done? Most noteworthy, how do you find the one that works the best? Here are the answers to those questions, and more.

We've drilled down to the top 20 natural deodorants based on different categories: daily wear, skin sensitivities, exercise, pitting (sweat perspiration) and best for all categories. We also segmented those into who the deodorants were best created for (men, women, men & women). The ones reviewed have also been rated based on things such as cost, scents, company values.

PS: Below these reviews we explain LITERALLY EVERYTHING you wanted to know (and more) about natural deodorant and why so many people are making the switch.

Comparison of 20 Natural Deodorants (Reviews On Each Below Chart)

We Put These Natural Deodorants To The Test: Here Are Our Reviews

Assuming you are looking for a good natural deodorant, chances are that you are finding a ton of them. One of the downsides of a natural deodorant is that the cost can seem higher at first. However, they last a lot longer on average than your usual brand meaning that they are less expensive over time. Consequently, that doesn’t make testing them out any more financially feasible.

To save you time and money, we put these top brands to the test for you. If you still don't feel these are right for you, we have additional all-natural options reviewed here. 

What's the best natural deodorant for men?

Looking for the best natural deodorant for men? Worry no more, we put these top brands to the test for you. Basically, any good deodorant is a product that can combat body odor and not irritating to the underarm when applied. Truth be told, having body odor is a major turn off.

This is not just list of the best natural deodorant for men but for these products are for women as well. If you feel that these products still aren't right for you, we have additional all-natural options reviewed here. Continue reading to find out.

1. Thinksport Deodorant, Red/White/Black, Currant/Grapefruit

Thinksport Deodorant, Currant Grapefruit (2.9 ounce),Red/White/Black
  • Free of aluminum, phthalates, parabens, and biologically harmful chemicals
  • EWG Verified Product. All ingredients are rated 1 by the EWG database
  • Formulation based on our scientific expertise in creating safer products. Patent pending...

Thinksport Products are created free of biologically harmful chemicals. They are phthalate free, paraben free, and aluminum free. In addition, all ingredients are rated by EWG’s Skin Deep database as either “0” or “1” (Safe). No animal testing is allowed, only human tested (“Leaping Bunny member”). Also, Thinksport is a certified B corporation. Most noteworthy, it can be used by men and women.

Who Uses It: Men & Women

Best For: Everything (Daily Wear, Sweating, Exercise, Skin Sensitivities)

2. Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant, Unscented

Green Tidings All Natural DeodorantExtra Strength, All Day...
  • GO GREEN. SMELL CLEAN: Green Tidings unscented natural deodorant for men & women, lasts up...
  • WHY DOES GREEN TIDINGS WIN AWARDS? Non-Toxic. Organic ingredients. Solar Made....
  • ZERO COMPROMISE: We use even use 100% Solar Power to create our moisturizing and soothing...

Green Tidings is a great product for daily wear, it has been certified Cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, and uses a solar powered facility to manufacture their product. Produced in California, they use BPA-free tubes for their deodorant too. In addition, they use water-based ink on brochures and labels. The product is organic, vegan, contains no artificial colors, and is guaranteed to fight body odor. 

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Daily Wear

3. Bali Secrets Natural Deodorants

BALI SECRETS All Natural Deodorant for Women & Men. Organic & Vegan....
  • CLEAN FORMULA without any nonsense: No Baking Soda. No Parabens. No Aluminum Chlorohydrate...
  • EFFECTIVE WITHOUT THE STICKINESS. In the office, the gym, during a night out or on a long...
  • SCENTS FOR EVERY TASTE. 'Original Essence' blends fresh, floral and zesty tones, creating...

Bali Secrets states that their product is natural and effective and skin friendly. In addition, they are certified as both cruelty-free and vegan by PETA. Their ingredients are rated “Safe” by Their ingredients are grown naturally, in Bali “the Island of the Gods,” under the tropical sun. Furthermore, one bottle of their special formula can last up to three whole months.

Does not contain:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • Zirconium
  • Stains On Your Clothes
  • Stickiness

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Skin Sensitivities

4. Schmidt's Cedar Woods and Juniper

Schmidt's Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant for Women and Men, Cedarwood...
  • Really Natural, Really Works – Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper aluminum free deodorant...
  • Natural Fragrance – This deo features a natural scent made with essential oils that's a...
  • Proven Protection – Whether you're looking for natural deodorant for women, mens...

Schmidt’s is renowned for their unique scents, and this one is no different. This award-winning product will effectively neutralize odor and absorb moisture, making it the perfect product for exercise. Due to its absorbability, non-stick and lack of grease, it doesn’t take much to get the job done right.

Because it doesn’t take much, staining from this product is kept to a minimum. Additionally, it is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates. Also, they are certified vegan and cruelty-free. Made in Portland, Oregon USA.

Most of all, Schmidt’s features a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Who Uses It: Men & Women

Best For: Exercise

5. Primal Pit Paste All Natural Lavender Deodorant

No products found.

First of all, Primal Pit Paste works due to a perfect blend of all-natural ingredients. Natural essential oils give them a soft, floral aroma. Primal Pit Paste gets top marks for neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and checks all the boxes for a great natural deodorant. Additionally, Primal Pit Paste is made in Austin, TX and uses BPA free tubes. Toxin-free, chemical free and propylene glycol free. Also, for better hot-temperature stability, they added candelilla wax.

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Everything

6. Underarmed for Men and Women

Natural Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick (That Works) Lavender/Eucalyptus...
  • ALUMINUM-FREE NATURAL DEODORANT; Our formula is safe, effective and keeps you fresh all...
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS; detox your body and nourish skin, reversing damage from chemicals
  • LAVENDER EUCALYPTUS; Subtle scent, therapeutic grade native essential oils, no synthetic...

First of all, aluminum free and natural, Underarmed claims that their organic ingredients can detox your armpits and nourish skin. Boasting a subtle lavender and eucalyptus scent from therapeutic grade essential oils. Additionally, there are no synthetic fragrances. Especially relevant, a 30-day money back guarantee is also offered.

Who Uses It: Men & Women

Best For: Daily Wear

7. Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant, 3.4-Ounce

Weleda Wild Rose 24h Deodorant Spray, 3.4 Ounce
  • Contains 1 - 3.4 Ounce Wild Rose 24h Deodorant Spray
  • Maintains skin’s natural detoxification process.
  • Dermatologically tested and skin-kind.

This natural deodorant looks more like a perfume bottle than a deodorant stick. However, the essential oils in this lightweight spray neutralize the bad odors and leave you smelling like a rose. Certified “Natural” by NaTrue, the rose and rose hips formula is mildly astringent, toning armpit skin.

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Daily Wear

8. Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll-On — Vanilla Jasmine (2.25 fl oz)

Crystal Mineral Deodorant Roll-On, Vanilla Jasmine, 2.25 fl oz
  • Made without : Aluminum Chloride/Chlorohydrate/ Zirconium, Parabens, Phthalates,...
  • Won't leave skin feeling sticky or oily
  • Prevents odor safely for up to 24 hours and Free of harmful forms of aluminum

One of the many products that make use of potassium alum in place of Aluminum. The combination of "natural mineral salts" and sweet jasmine topped with sensuous vanilla create a smooth application. Not to mention, the natural odor control through the mineral salt which creates a "barrier" from the odor-causing bacteria. It has no harmful chemicals such as aluminum chlorohydrate, phthalates, aluminum zirconium or parabens. Thus, Crystal Essence is a safe and effective healthy alternative to a chemical deodorant.    

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Everything

9. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant, Lavender and Sage, 2 Ounce

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant, Lavender and Sage, 2 Ounce
  • We’re On a Mission to Change the Way You Think About Natural.
  • Schmidt's formulas help neutralize odor and keep you fresh, naturally.
  • Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrance, our...

Schmidt's reputation for great aromas continues with this product because of the lavender and sage scents. Boasting the same easily absorbed and non-greasy or sticky formula as the sticks, this jarred variety also prevents staining through economy of use. Therefore, you don’t need much to get the results you want. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It's also certified vegan and cruelty-free. 

Who Uses It: Men

Best For: Pitting, Sweat, Perspiration

10. Tom's of Maine Natural Deodorant Stick, Aluminum Free, Long Lasting, Refreshing Lemongrass

Tom's of Maine Natural Deodorant Stick, Unscented, 2.25 Ounce, Pack of...
  • 24 HOUR ODOR PROTECTION: Contains 6 to 2.25 ounce sticks of unscented, long lasting...
  • ALUMINUM FREE: Toms produces this natural deodorant without aluminum to respect our...
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: Toms natural deodorant uses no artificial fragrances or preservatives;...

First of all, no parabens or aluminum allowed here. Also, Tom's outlawed artificial fragrances and preservatives. Odor-fighting hops provide 24 hours of clinically proven protection. In addition, Tom’s deodorant contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. It is Halal and Kosher certified.

Who Uses It: Men &Women

Best For: Skin Sensitivities

11. Nasanta® Magnesium Deodorant — Australian Made Natural Deodorant — Free of ALL Forms of Aluminum — Unscented

nasanta Magnesium Deodorant - Australian Made, Aluminum Free, Baking...
  • HEALTHY MAGNESIUM FORMULA. You need magnesium for energy production, nerve transmission,...
  • FREE OF ALL FORMS OF ALUMINUM. You can relax knowing that there are no hidden aluminum...
  • TESTED FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Your underarms will not sting on application even right after...

Because it is made out of magnesium, Nasanta's deodorant is entirely aluminum free. Magnesium neutralizes odor while allowing pores to function naturally. Additionally, their 80 mL roll-on lasts three additional months and contains no ethyl alcohol in the formula. Moreover, this Australian made natural deodorant is cruelty-free does not include baking soda or essential oils. Thus, it is excellent for those with sensitive skin. Last but not the least, it has a "no questions asked" money back guarantee for its customers.                                

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Skin Sensitivities

12. North Coast Organics, Naked Organic Deodorant, 2.5 oz

Because they use 5, completely edible, ingredients, North Coast Organic’s Naked natural deodorant simply works. Especially relevant, it is long lasting, no BPA, and aluminum free, they make this wonderful alternative in small batches. In conclusion, Certified B Corporation.

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Pitting, Sweat, Perspiration

13. Thai Deodorant Stone Crystal Mist Natural Deodorant Spray 8 oz. Bundle, Pack of 2

No aluminum or harsh chemicals here, just fresh, natural mineral salts to combat odors. Thai Stone Crystal Mist is formulated for both pits and feet. Additionally, it works by suppressing bacteria. As a result, the non-staining formula won’t mark up your clothes or shoes.

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Exercise

14. Kaiame Naturals Best Natural Deodorant (Tea Tree) with Activated Charcoal Powder

Kaiame Naturals Natural Deodorant (Tea Tree) with Activated Charcoal...
  • ➢ SENSITIVE SKIN FORMULA - Unlike baking soda - heavy formulas, our natural deodorant...
  • POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE - Unlike most natural deodorants available on the market...
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our all natural deodorant is handcrafted using all...

Kaiame Naturals’ sensitive skin formula uses very little baking soda. They use just enough to combat odor, but a small enough amount to avoid irritating sensitive skin. The all natural ingredients are powerful and effective. Additionally, it is Paraben free, aluminum free, phthalates free and GMO-free. Most of all, this product is also cruelty-free. Most noteworthy, activated charcoal powder not only absorbs sweat, it neutralizes odors. The attractive blue jar blocks light that may break down antibacterial ingredients. Also, 100%, no questions asked satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Pitting, Sweat, Perspiration

15. LaVanila — Sport Luxe Healthy Deodorant — 2.2 Oz / Vanilla Breeze

No products found.

Lavanila fragrances take pride in their one hundred percent original creations. It even comes in cute packaging. The product has no aluminum, paraben, or propylene glycol properties. Furthermore, it uses the beta-glucan technology to provide consumers with superior odor protection all day long.       

Who Uses It: Women

Best For: Exercise

16. Mountaineer Brand All Natural Deodorant: Lime and Sage--Aluminum Free for Men and Women

Mountaineer Brand All Natural Deodorant Stick by Mountaineer Brand |...
  • SMELL FRESH ALL DAY -- Our deodorant that will keep you feeling and smelling fresh on even...
  • STAY DRY -- This deodorant contains Arrowroot powder and Baking Soda to absorb moisture...
  • ALL NATURAL - No artificial fragrences or chemicals that risk your health or hurt the...

Although Mountaineer’s Lime and Sage is listed as “for men and women” many reviewers find it a pleasant, more masculine scent. While designed to keep wetness and bad odors at bay, this non-toxic blend won’t overdry your skin. In conclusion, it's safe for sensitive skin.

Who Uses It: Men

Best For: Everything

17. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin: Fragrance Free

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin - Fragrance-Free, 3.25...
  • We’re On a Mission to Change the Way You Think About Natural.
  • Schmidt's award-winning formulas help neutralize odor and keep you fresh, naturally.
  • Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrance, our...

Non-greasy, non-sticky and no baking soda makes Schmidt’s Fragrance-Free a great choice for sensitive skin. It effectively neutralizes odor and wetness naturally. Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens and phthalates it is also certified cruelty-free and gluten-free. Lastly, it's made in Portland, OR.

Who Uses It: Men

Best For: Skin Sensitivities

18. Botanik Natural Deodorant for Men — Fresh Evergreen — Organic — Aluminum Free

Botanik Natural Organic Deodorant - Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men or...
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS- Made with the highest quality organic coconut oil, shea...
  • GENTLE & NEUTRAL SCENT- Formulated with the best ingredients selected to keep you fresh...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Our deodorant is handmade in small batches in the USA. Our container is...

While using only six high quality certified organic ingredients, this fresh evergreen scent will do the job right. There are no aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol or toxins. Also, it is Eco-friendly BPA free, recyclable packaging and tree-free labels are all used. Made in the USA in small batches. Most noteworthy, it's certified cruelty-free and vegan. The aromas used in Botanik’s Natural Deodorant are considered gender-neutral, but most reviews label it more suited for men.

Who Uses It: Men

Best For: Exercise

19. Tom's of Maine Men's Long Lasting Deodorant, Deep Forest, 2.25 Ounce

Tom's of Maine Men’s Long Lasting Wide Stick Deodorant, Deodorant...
  • The effective line of natural Men's deodorant is aluminum-free
  • It contains a combination of odor-fighting hops to provide 24-hour odor protection to help...
  • No artificial fragrances or preservatives

Tom's recently updated their packaging with a new dark blue box that projects a clean, masculine and long-lasting scent. With this, it officially gives Tom's Long Lasting Deodorant's the complete package. The product is also aluminum-free and contains no artificial preservatives, just 100 percent natural scents!   

Who Uses It: Men

Best For: Daily Wear

20. Botanik Natural Deodorant

Botanik Natural Organic Deodorant - Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men or...
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS- Made with the highest quality organic coconut oil, shea...
  • GENTLE & NEUTRAL SCENT- Formulated with the best ingredients selected to keep you fresh...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Our deodorant is handmade in small batches in the USA. Our container is...

Funkless’ Tangerine Lime formula is coconut oil based, all natural, and chemical and aluminum free. Especially relevant, this Cruelty-free product is gluten, corn, and soy-free. Made in Brooklyn, NY.

Who Uses It: Men & Women

Best For: Pitting, Sweat, Perspiration

Which Of These Brands Is Best For Your Pits? (Let's Find Out)

In conclusion, when it comes to over the counter deodorants, the choices of the “right” brand is completely in your hands. While trying to avoid yellow shirt stains and embarrassing odor are important, your health is essential.

Especially relevant, natural deodorants react differently to different skin types. This means you're the only one that knows your perfect match. Below, we'll help you figure out which is best for you.

Why Should You Use Natural Deodorant?

Chemical deodorants block pores with tiny aluminum plugs. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that blocking pores is likely not good for you, which is why you need the best natural deodorant.

In addition, those blocked pores can make you smell worse by interfering with your natural bacteria balance. Bacteria is normal and important for your health. Your body has naturally occurring bacteria that live in and around those pores.

Another side of the bacteria is that it stinks. Therefore, the smell you want to stop is not actually from your sweat, but from bacteria in your sweat. Hence, that chemical antiperspirant isn’t really what’s preventing the smell. Instead, that's the deodorant.

According to, there have been conflicting results from studies that attempt to link chemical deodorants with cancer. Results have shown that women who reported earlier shaving and deodorant use also reported earlier cancer diagnosis. 

More Reasons To Switch Over To A Natural Deodorant

There are a lot of reasons as to why one should make the significant change and switch to a natural deodorant from chemical one. For instance, this is one way for us to lessen the amount of chemicals we come in contact with, specifically to the underarm. Vegan and vegetarians will be happy to know what these products are cruelty-free.

We all want a deodorant that will work in our favor and suit our specific needs but without putting our health at risk. Make sure to check the information on your deodorant bottle, so you'll know what chemicals are in it.

With all the chemical ingredients found on the label, maybe you should start asking yourself if a chemical deodorant is perfect for you.

Sweating is not an unusual way for our body to clean out our pores. It is normal, and each one of use sweats in different ways.

Are Natural Deodorants Safe? (Quick Answer: YES)

The majority of natural deodorants are made with the fewest chemical ingredients possible. Not all natural ingredients are safe for all people.

Different people have different allergies, sensitivities and body chemistry. However, because most of these deodorants are made with ingredients that you can find at your local grocery, they are less likely to have harmful ingredients.

Furthermore, if you are trying to live a less processed, more “organic” lifestyle most natural deodorants fit the bill. In addition, make sure you are checking labels.

Ingredients to Look For:

One myth says that natural deodorants can’t stop odor, which is false. When you know which ingredients to look for, they are very effective. Rather, you must remember, human sweat is not what causes nasty BO.

That is a complicated interplay between your body’s PH levels, hormones, and bacteria. Hence, you need to look for ingredients that slow wetness, prohibit bacterial growth, and condition the skin.

While you are looking for the best natural deodorant for odor control, there are three basic types of ingredients you should be looking for. According to Dr. Sarah Villafranco, founder of Osmia Organics, your natural deodorant should contain the following:

1. Antibacterial Ingredients:

You aren’t looking for chemical or a 12 syllable word here. When thinking about antibacterial, seek ingredients that to kill or prevent bacteria. Remember, you do not need a medical-sounding ingredient.

Essential oils, such as lavender, tea tree, lemongrass or thyme can suppress or destroy bacteria that cause odor. Dandelion extracts, ginger root, cinnamon oil, even oregano essential oils have antibacterial properties as well.

This infographic explains all the benefits you can expect from all types of essential oils.

 2. Absorption Powder:

Like baking soda, cornstarch, arrowroot powder, or tapioca powder, which can help minimize moisture and adjust the pH in the area.

Baking soda may be irritating to some people with sensitive skin, so test first. This is the ingredient that “gets the job done,” when it comes to decreasing “pitting.”

3. Conditioning Agents:

We love the skin we’re in, but we often forget our armpits deserve that love too. Shea Butter, aloe, and vitamin E are all great conditioners.

In addition, Coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and other natural moisturizing agents, can make your natural deodorant silky and sweet to your skin as well.

Ingredients To Avoid:

More than just “what to look for,” what ingredients should you avoid? Even some natural ingredients can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin, or allergic reactions to the ingredients.

As a result, whenever your deodorant has any of these, you may want to leave it in the tube:

  • Aluminum
  • Parabens
  • Steareths
  • Triclosan
  • Propylene Glycol
  • TEA and DEA
  • Artificial Colors

In addition, if you have sensitive skin, baking soda also known as Sodium Bicarbonate (a go-to ingredient in many natural deodorants), can be irritating. Therefore, test a small area before applying and wear it all day.

A note on Aluminum and Potassium Alum:

As humans, we sweat, but a good deodorant means you won’t stink. Much as one would think, sweat isn’t the part that smells. Instead, that is bacteria and hormones. However, deodorant companies, even some “natural” deodorant manufacturers use forms of aluminum to plug pores and stop the sweat.

Potassium Alum is a naturally occurring aluminum salt. Yet, it's unclear if that natural version of Aluminum is dangerous in the same ways that Aluminum is believed to be. It is a larger molecule and doesn’t clog pores.

On the occasion that you'd like to see a list of aluminum-free deodorants, check out this post: 8 Best Aluminum Free Deodorants 2018

Antiperspirant vs Deodorant - What's The Difference?

First of all, there’s a big difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Though, most of the “deodorant” you buy is both.

Antiperspirants use Aluminum, which plug the pores, stopping or slowing sweat. (As we just mentioned) Deodorants contain perfumes and antibacterial agents to fight bad odors and keep you smelling fresh.

It is essential to know the difference between the two because you might be using them in the wrong way all this time. Since antiperspirants work on the source, which is the sweat ducts, it is useless to apply them on wet skin. Aluminum compounds won’t be able to go through making it useless. It is best to apply antiperspirant at night wherein you do not sweat, thus giving the aluminum compounds a chance to clog your sweat ducts.

Make Your Own Natural Deodorant With This Video Tutorial:

Furthermore, you can make your own natural deodorant at home with only a few ingredients. The video talks about temperatures where you live, in Celsius. So, you can simply add another ½ tsp of wax for every 10 degrees above an average temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

DIY Natural Deodorant Recipe:

  • 2-4 Tablespoons of Coconut oil and (or) 2-4 Tablespoons of Shea Butter
  • 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda (optional)
  • 1 1/2 - 3 Tablespoons of Arrowroot Powder and (or) 1 1/2 - 3 Tablespoons of Bentonite Clay
  • 15 Drops of Essential Oils
  • 1 Teaspoon of Wax Pellets

The recipe can be poured into an oversized glue tube or an empty deodorant container.

Best Substitutes For Deodorant (For Those 'Oops I Forgot' Days)

Furthermore, for those days that you go completely without or forget to put it on after the gym, there are substitutes.

Because we know the problem is not sweating, and instead, bacteria, pH, and hormones, the way to go is to wash. Wash with water if that’s all you have. Here are some other options:

1. Hand Sanitizer.

Not anything you will want to use for long, because it’s so drying, but it will kill the bacteria and that will help you smell fresher.

2. Wash with soap (antibacterial is best) and water.

In addition, rinse, pat dry, and repeat as needed.

3. Baby wipes or makeup wipes.

These are usually pH balanced for skin, and non-toxic. Hence, they can help you make it through that “whoops,” day. (Speaking of which, here are the best makeup remover wipes for your skin)

Final Review of Best Natural Deodorant for Men

Finally, if you can’t find anything that works for your body, talk to your doctor about a clinical strength prescription. However, if you are just looking for the best natural deodorant for you, start with these reviews. You’re sure to find your pit-solution soul-mate.

If natural deodorant interests you, you may also find this post on organic makeup engaging: Here Are The Best Organic Makeup Brands That Will Change The Way You Do Your Makeup 

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