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The fitness community has certainly seen it’s fair share of strange trends that seem to adapt well among its followers. Today, we have achieved a new level of weird. Evidently co-ed naked yoga is a popular trend that is gaining many followers around the world. I have to admit that I’m actually surprised at the fact that people enjoy it. It is definitely one of these things that might be surprising to many but for others it’s a way of life!

Why Co-Ed Naked Yoga?

The premise of this phenomenon is definitely interesting and might surprise some. The health benefits of yoga are pretty obvious, but what is the actual reason for getting naked? Proponents defend the practice as a progressive and communal activity that promotes better body image and self-confidence.  It helps people accept who they are and feel comfortable in their body. It also removes judgment directed towards other people’s body and accept them the way they are as a person.

I have to admit, I’ve never been naked in public and, like most of the people, the idea terrifies me. We live in a world where society has accepted that humans wear clothes and not run around naked. This concept is so ingrained in everyday life that when you hear the phrase “co-ed naked yoga,” it sounds weird and out of place. Especially, when it involves doing flexibility activities such as those required by yoga.

How It Started

This trend started when “Bold & Naked Yoga” opened up in New York City. The studio has been around for some time now, but not until last year they introduced their first co-ed class. If nothing else, you have to admire the fact that they don’t mess around with their name. The only thing I wonder about is what their name serves for. Is it for those bold enough to do naked yoga? or is “bold” something that you have to do in addition to be naked? In any case, I have to respect those who are “bold” enough to do it.

My Take

The whole concept strikes me as a great way to push your own psychological limitations. I feel like if you can do co-ed naked yoga, you could do pretty much anything. Imagine if you’re the only dude in your group of friends who has done co-ed naked yoga. You basically conquered the world and you might as well climbed Mt. Everest – or perhaps saved the world from a zombie outbreak.

… but with all seriousness. I think it is really admirable that there are people who are willing to defy what society tells them is normal and push the boundaries of what being in community with other human beings mean. Yes, the preceding sentence might sound a little over the top but the fact that an institution like Bold and Naked Yoga is successful points to a positive change in how people are willing to relate to one another. A world where people aren’t as conscious about their body and are encouraging each other to practice a healthy lifestyle is a world I don’t mind living in. Co-Ed naked yoga is definitely a great way to get out of your comfort zone too, which is something I recommend everyone do from time to time.

I’m still too afraid to try co-ed naked yoga, but maybe someday in the near future. How about you? Did you try it or are you going to try it? Please share your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for writing this Katie and for taking an open-minded approach 🙂
    Just a correction about the naked yoga trend in NYC – Bold & Naked wasn’t the first. In fact Isis Phoenix and Cindee Rifkin started doing co-ed naked yoga classes a few years before. They proved to be popular, and since then other studios and instructors have started offering naked classes.
    And there were probably other instructors in other places who were doing it in the 90’s, but I don’t know the whole history of naked yoga here. Just Bold & Naked definitely didn’t “start” the trend.
    Here’s my guide to naked yoga classes in NYC —

  2. Hi, Thanks for writing about Coed Naked Yoga to help promote that it even exists, but describing it as “a new level of weird” does a disservice to something that is very normal and natural, particularly once you have participated in a few classes. We all have bodies and they are all naked when in a normal and natural state, so nude sport, leisure, and other recreation shouldn’t be viewed as weird, but more as getting in touch with who we really, truly are, rather than who we project ourselves to be based on the needs of an overdressed society and the “norms” that go with it.

  3. This was an interesting article; however, mostly because of the absence of facts and you not even participating in an activity that you are writing about.
    I second Felicity’s comment. Naked yoga has been around for a while. B&N is not the first to offer this practice. To describe it as “weird” is insulting and insensitive. Since you have not even gone to a class, for all we know you think yoga is weird. Let alone when practiced without clothes.

  4. Felicity thanks for correcting us regarding the origins of naked yoga. I am sure your link will be useful to others in the NYC area.
    Ken, please accept our apologies no offence was meant by that comment. I absolutely love the logic behind projecting oneself as we really are. I’m not personally convinced I am brave enough!
    Angel – fantastic to hear you are so psyched to get started! Do let us know how you find it!
    Maurice, again please accept our apologies, we truly did not set out to offend. My mother regularly does yoga so I absolutely do not think it is weird and neither do my colleagues here at SBL. Perhaps unusual or surprising would have been better terminology on our part.
    Thanks for all stopping by and taking the time to share your comments with us. Dee 🙂

  5. You might first go to a public nude beach or a private nudist (naturist) resort to ease into being socially nude without the added stress of Yoga. Quickly, you will come to love being nude and realize that anything that can be done nude is better when done nude.

    Not knowing where you live I can’t recommend resorts or beaches near you. You might find something nearby on The Naturist Society’s network:

  6. Naked co-ed yoga has been around quite a long time. I took my first class in which there were nude participants of both sexes in Seattle around 1979. I highly recommend you take a class yourself before reporting on it. It won’t seem so weird, I promise you.


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