The Organic Face Moisturizer You Need In Your Life

organic face moisturizer

Indeed, keeping your face moisturized is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Not only does it keep wrinkles less noticeable, but your skin will look and feel younger. Do you like a moisturizer but are unsure about some of the ingredients? What is the best organic face moisturizer on the market? Let's find out. 

Beauty experts say that moisturizing your face is a “must” for keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. There’s a good chance that you will feel bombarded by your options trying to find the right product for you. Also, not only are there dozens of moisturizers for specific skin types, but the ingredients and price varies.

Many beauty products contain ingredients that many people want to avoid, like parabens or synthetic fragrances. Therefore, if you’re looking for an organic face moisturizer, we’ve chosen five that are our top picks.  At least one of them might be the perfect organic face moisturizer for you.

Organic Face Moisturizer : Comparison Table






Organic face moisturizer Naturopathica Rosemary Oil-Reducing Moisturizer
The Naturopathica Rosemary Oil-Reducing Moisturizer Contains Rosemary Oil, Which Is An Essential Herb For A Variety Of Health
Organic face moisturizer Kypris Natural Antioxidant Dew Facial Serum
Kypris Has An Extensive Line Of Sustainable, Organic, And Natural Beauty Products Designed With The Intention Of Promoting “Self-Care
Organic face moisturizer Nourish Organic Ultra Hydrating Face Cream
Nourish Organic Has Over A Decade Of Experience In Manufacturing And Distributing Organic Beauty Products
Organic face moisturizer LilyAna Naturals Face Cream Moisturizer
Natural And Organic Ingredients In The Moisturizing Cream Help To Improve The Look And Feel Of The Skin.
Organic face moisturizer Burt's Bees Daily Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin
Good For Pitting, Sweat, Perspiration

Top 5 Organic Face Moisturizers

It’s time to take a look at our list of the best organic face moisturizer. We always start our list with our best “overall” choice and then we offer other products that we strongly recommend.

Even if our products don’t get a five-star rating, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t good alternatives. Remember, a five-star rating simply means that the product has exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, we only recommend products that we’ve given a rating of 3.5 or higher.

Let’s find out what is the best organic face moisturizer on the market.

Naturopathica Rosemary Oil-Reducing Moisturizer

Naturopathica originated more than two decades. It intends to educate people about the benefits of holistic health and how it’s related to beauty.

Since it first started, Naturopathica has created a diverse and substantial line of natural products that contain sustainable ingredients. Also, they never test their products on animals; they manufacture all their products in the U.S. and packaged in recyclable materials.


  • Many users with combination skin find that this moisturizer is ideal and has improved the appearance and overall health of their skin.


  • Like many moderately priced moisturizers, some users were initially disappointed with the price and the small size of the organic face moisturizer but ended up being very impressed by the product.

Moreover, the Naturopathica Rosemary Oil-Reducing Moisturizer contains rosemary oil. It is an essential herb for a variety of health benefits from improving memory to reducing headaches and anxiety. It is also known for its antiseptic properties.

Alpine Willows helps refine pores while the aloe heals and moisturizes. Hyaluronic acid reduces flakiness in the skin and helps to keep skin moisturized all day long. Also, hyaluronic acid revitalizes the skin’s appearance. Thus this moisturizer is ideal for people who want a lightweight formula and don’t want to worry oily skin.

Available in a 1.7-ounce bottle, Naturopathica recommends using a pea size amount of moisturizer on the face and next twice a day. For optimal results, you can pair the moisturizer with other Naturopathica products.

Our Rating

Kypris Natural Antioxidant Dew Facial Serum

Kypris has an extensive line of sustainable, organic, and natural beauty products designed with the intention of promoting “self-care.” They never tested on animals and packaged in glass and vegan materials. The organic ingredients come from local, sustainable, and woman-owned farms.


  • Users of the serum like the how quickly the formula absorbs into the skin and how little you need to keep the face moisturized all day long.
  • While many users chose the serum based on its packaging alone, many users comment that it is one of the best moisturizers they have used.


  • While this face moisturizing serum has overwhelming praise, a few users found the price expensive. They didn’t think that it provided enough moisturization for their skin.

The Kypris Natural Antioxidant Dew Facial Serum restores “strength, vitality, and radiance” to your skin as a lightweight formula with deep moisturizing capabilities. The facial serum includes Vitamin C and E to protect and restore the skin. It also contains sea algae and rose extracts to gently tone and hydrate the skin.

On the other hand, the Oil of the Tamanu plant helps heal damaged skin. Waltheria Indica keeps skin looking bright and improves the appearance overall. In addition to the other moisturizing properties in the serum.

Our Rating

The moisturizing serum is available in a 1.69-ounce bottle. It’s ideal for anyone who likes a lightweight moisturizer that doesn’t feel “greasy” or heavy. Kypris recommends applying one to two droppers of the serum to a clean face and neck every morning and night. For optimal results, you can use the serum with other Kypris facial products.

Nourish Organic Ultra Hydrating Face Cream

Nourish Organic has over a decade of experience in manufacturing and distributing organic beauty products. As self-proclaimed organic pioneers, Nourish Organic only creates products that are 100 percent natural. Their products are also cruelty-free, use Fair Trade practices, made in the U.S., and are from recyclable materials.


  •  Users of the organic face moisturizer like that despite its heavy hydrating properties, the moisturizer feels light on the face.
  • Other users who were looking for a natural moisturizer loved the product, and many commented on the light scent that wasn’t too overpowering or irritating.


  • Some users were initially disappointed with the small size of the lotion tube but realized that you only need a small amount to provide moisturization all day long.
  • Most users thought the hydrating cream provided sufficient hydration with one application a day.

Nourish Organic Ultra Hydrating Face Cream provides adequate moisturization throughout the day and is specially formulated just for the delicate skin on your face. Ingredients like aloe, shea butter, and Moroccan Argan oil all play an important role in moisturizing the skin and maintaining replenished and soft skin all day long.

Our Rating

With daily use of the moisturizer, you may notice more even skin tone, smoother texture, improved elasticity of your skin, and healthier looking skin. While the Ultra Hydrating cream is a thicker cream, ideal for normal to dry skin, there is a Lightweight Lotion option if you prefer a moisturizer that’s not as thick and rich.

The hydrating face cream is available in a one-1.7 ounce tube and Nourish Organic recommends using the cream daily to “reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

LilyAna Naturals Face Cream Moisturizer

LilyAna Naturals has an extensive line of beauty products that are from the U.S., are never tested on animals, 90% organic, and are free from artificial fragrances or parabens.

The LilyAna Naturals Face Cream Moisturizer provides adequate and well-balanced hydration for all types of skin from mature to dry and sensitive. According to the company, the face cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use, skin should look and feel more smooth and have improved elasticity.


  • Users of the moisturizing cream like the lightweight product and those who had “problematic” skin were happy with how well it worked.
  • Many users commented on the “affordability” of the product in comparison to other higher-priced organic face moisturizers.


  • Some users who had issues with the cream were able to resolve them quickly thanks to excellent customer service.
  • The users who didn’t like the cream found it to be not moisturizing enough for their skin type.

Natural and organic ingredients in the moisturizing cream help to improve the look and feel of the skin. Rose oil heals damaged skin, improves skin tone, and helps to prevent wrinkles.

Pomegranate extract can help prevent premature aging and may also firm and soften skin. Vitamin C helps boost healthy collagen production in the skin, which results in a firmer appearance. 

Our Rating

Available in a 1.7-ounce container, the makers of this face cream moisturizer recommend applying the cream to the face and neck twice a day for optimal results. If you wear makeup, allow the moisturizer to absorb into the skin thoroughly before applying makeup.

Burt's Bees Daily Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Burt’s Bees is a well-known company that manufactures sustainable and organic beauty products at an affordable price. Whether you shop at your local boutique or at a Big Box store, you’re likely to find a wide assortment of Burt’s Bees products on the shelves.


  • Users of the 1.8 ounce moisturizer like the familiarity and accessibility of the product.
  • Most users say that the moisturizer is adequate for sensitive skin and works well for other types of skin, too.


  • Some users didn’t like the way the moisturizer felt on their skin and some people with extra-sensitive skin had issues with the product.

Burt's Bees Daily Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin is 99 percent organic, hypoallergenic, and tested by dermatologists. While this moisturizer provides adequate hydration for a variety of skin types, it’s specially designed for sensitive skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients.

Rice extract soothes skin while aloe keeps it moisturized throughout the day. Cotton extract replenishes the outer layer of the skin while keeping it protected from irritants. For optimal results, Burt’s Bees recommends applying the moisturizer to the face and neck every day. To improve the quality and appearance of your skin, you can use the moisturizer alone or pair it with other Burt’s Bees products.

Our Rating

How We Choose Our Ratings

Organic face moisturizer

We know that trying to find the right organic face moisturizer might take more time and money than you have. How are we able to narrow down all the choices and pick five organic face moisturizer that we consider to be the best?

We spend lots of time doing research so that you don’t have to; our thorough review should give you enough information to make a confident decision. Also, we scour the Internet, reading online reviews of products, the ingredient labels, and what consumers have to say about the moisturizer.

Whether they love it or loathe it, we consider their opinion when choosing our favorite organic face moisturizer and whether or not it deserves a five-star rating. How does a moisturizer earn a five-star rating? To receive a full five stars, the moisturizer must exceed our expectations of the product and have overwhelmingly positive ratings from other users.

Also, even though we may test out the products ourselves, we always consider what others have to say to ensure that our review is well-balanced. We believe in reviewing products honestly, and we take our time before we rate a product. Thus, we will never give anything a five-star rating without due research.

Organic Face Moisturizer: A Few Considerations Before You Buy

Organic face moisturizer

Now that we’ve provided you with five organic face moisturizers that you can’t live without, let’s discuss a few things to consider when selecting which moisturizer is best for you. If you have problematic skin, such as combination or sensitive, or if you suffer from skin conditions, you may want to talk to a dermatologist about what may be best for your skin.

When it comes down to selecting the best face moisturizer for your needs it’s important to read the label and think about some other factors:

  • What percentage of the product is organic?
  • Is it a vegan-friendly product?
  • What are the main ingredients?
  • Is the product cruelty-free?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Is the packaging recyclable?

Some of the things we listed are common things that people look for when looking for an organic face moisturizer.

Finally, you can always contact the company if you are interested in a particular product that we listed, but don’t want to commit to the full-sized product. You can ask the company if they provide samples for free or at a small cost. That way you can test out the product without spending too much money.

The Organic Face Moisturizer You Need In Your Life
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