Must-Have Paraben-Free Products For Your Safety and Health

Paraben free products

You’ve probably heard the term “paraben-free” recently. But do you know the science behind why you need paraben-free products?

These dangerous additives in your beauty products can have long-term negative health effects. However, a lot of products on store shelves still have parabens.

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Why should you avoid parabens, and which products need to be paraben-free? In this guide, we’ve got answers to those questions and more. Read on to learn why you need paraben-free products.

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are a type of synthetic preservative that’s often added to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

You’ll find parabens in the products you use every day: shampoo, toothpaste, makeup. They’ve been used for decades because they are inexpensive and effective.

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Cosmetic products can last for years because of parabens.  Parabens act as anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents, preventing the products from deteriorating.

However, parabens have recently become linked to a host of medical issues, and many people are making the switch to paraben-free products. Let’s take a look at why paraben-free products matter.

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Why Use Paraben-Free Products?

Parabens are synthetic, so your body doesn’t break them down. Instead, they get stored in fat cells, where they negatively affect your health over time. Researchers have discovered that parabens act like estrogen when absorbed by the skin, causing a range of long-term issues.

Breast Cancer

Because parabens mimic estrogen, they affect the body’s hormonal system.

When are exposed to too much estrogen over time, people are more likely to develop breast cancer. Chemicals that act like estrogen, such as parabens, encourage breast cells to divide more than normal — and this can lead to cancer.

Puberty Onset

Some research shows that Parabens influence early puberty onset. Because they act like other hormones, they disrupt the endocrine system. This system regulates the hormones linked to puberty. Children exposed to parabens can end up going into puberty early because of this endocrine disruption.

Lower Sperm Counts

In men, parabens can negatively impact reproduction. The estrogen mimicry results in lowered sperm counts, as a study on male rats discovered.

With all these problems in mind, it’s clear why parabens warrant avoidance. Next, we’ll take a look at the most important paraben-free products to have.

Paraben-Free Skincare

Because parabens absorb through the skin, you’ll want to make sure to use only paraben-free products on your body.

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Your skin is your largest organ, and it provides a canvas to soak up parabens. You’ll need to change your body washes, soaps, and lotions to products free of dangerous preservatives.

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There’s no need to worry about the shelf life of paraben-free products, though. Many companies use other, safer preservatives, so your paraben-free products will last just as long.

Paraben-Free Haircare

When you wash and style your hair, your scalp absorbs parabens from your shampoo and other products.

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Parabens, unlike sulfates, don’t damage the hair itself. They don’t contribute to build-up or dryness. However, because of the health risks associated with them, you’ll want to make sure your hair products are free of parabens.

Paraben-Free Makeup

Unlike soap and shampoo, makeup isn’t applied and immediately rinsed off. Instead, it sits on your face all day.

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That’s why it’s absolutely essential that your makeup is paraben-free. Letting harmful products soak into your skin for hours greatly increases the amount of paraben your body absorbs. Although parabens aren’t likely to irritate your skin and cause breakouts, the invisible health problems they cause are well worth avoiding.

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Ready to Invest in Paraben-Free Products?

For years, almost every beauty product contained parabens. However, many companies have now started avoiding parabens thanks to consumer demands.

When looking for paraben-free products, don’t trust the ingredient label. Even when not on the label, Parabens may lurk there, as preservatives used in other ingredients of the final product.

Instead, just look for the words “paraben-free.” If a company doesn’t say their products avoid parabens, they probably don’t.

Are you ready to make the change to paraben-free products? Leave a comment and let us know!


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