Top 25 Paleo Pinterest Boards


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top 25 paleo pinteres board

The term ‘Paleo’ comes from Palaeolithic, which is the name of an era approximately 10,000 years ago, also known as the Stone Age. Today, Paleo is the name of a particular style of eating which takes its inspiration from the way humans ate back in the Palaeolithic era. No cereals, pasta, chocolate or chips. All products on the Paleo diet have to be hunted or gathered. Think fish, meat, eggs, nuts, veggies, seeds and fruit.

The average caveman was lean, strong, and athletic. By comparison we are fatter, slower and more tired. The Paleo diet is based on the belief that the introduction of agriculture and farming has led to us becoming dependent on foods like bread, pasta and rice. Grains are well known for causing sluggish digestion and only providing short-lived bursts of energy. The Paleo diet advocates high-protein, nutrient-dense, natural produce.

With the revival in popularity of the Paleo diet, there are hundreds of boards on Pinterest with ideas for making the most out of living Paleo-style.

Top 25 Paleo Pinterest Boards

  1. Paleo Cupboard

With more than 6500 pins on 40 different Paleo-related boards, Paleo Cupboard really is your go-to Pinterest location for anything and everything Paleo. From recipes for special occasions to must-have Paleo products, you are guaranteed to find whatever you need here.

  1. Paleo Recipes

Owned by Sarah Welch, this board has almost 500 different recipe pins. Her recipe for Sweet Potato Shrimp Cakes Paleo-style looks beyond delicious!







  1. Stacy of Paleo Parents

This board has 36,000 followers. It is easy to see why, as it is full of tried and tested Paleo recipes, not to mention other health and wellness information.







  1. The Paleo Diet Recipes and Information

This board has some amazing and easy-to-follow Paleo recipes including Coconut Sugar Snickerdoodle Bombs, which are both grain and dairy free! These are definitely on my must-make list!






  1. Paleo Diet by Shawnafawna

With more than 600 Paleo recipe pins, there really is a meal on this board for every occasion. Mini crustless pizzas are sure to be a hit with the kids! There is also an abundance of Paleo information readily available, including food lists and suggestions of what to put in your kids’ lunchboxes.






  1. All Day I Dream About Food

The Pinterest board from the author of the book ‘All Day I Dream About Food’ is home to thousands of Paleo recipes alongside other healthy low-carb, gluten- and sugar-free food ideas.







  1. Paleo Goodness

Christina, who owns Paleo Goodness, has almost 500 pins of delicious Paleo recipes, including Cookie Dough Snack Balls and amazing looking Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Sugar-Coated Donuts.







  1. Paleo Diet Recipe Inspiration

This is one Pinterest board that does exactly what it says in the title! Can’t decide what to cook for dinner? Check this board out for an assortment of fresh ideas.


  1. Paleo by Emealz

With over 31,000 followers and more than 500 pins, this board has an abundance of delicious menu ideas from Egg Muffins to an Elvis smoothie – yes really!







  1. Paleo by Igori

This Pinterest board has everything from regular recipes to a Paleo ‘cheat sheet’ to help you identify what is and isn’t considered to be a Paleo-friendly food. Ideal for a Paleo newbie!







  1. Paleo by Ness Lockyer

Ness Lockyer, the owner of this board, is a huge advocate of Paleo cooking, as demonstrated by the 200+ pins of recipes and meal tips. The recipe for Nachos is definitely one to try!









  1. Paleo by Jodie Hurt

With nearly 4,000 followers, this board has some absolutely delicious recipes – including one for Paleo-approved ice cream!








  1. Paleo Tips and Tricks

This informative board has tips and tricks for both those just starting their Paleo journey and for seasoned followers, including a guide to dining out without breaking Paleo principles.







  1. Paleo by Bakerita

If you are looking for some more unusual Paleo recipes, then this is the board for you. It includes concepts like Brussels Sprout Chips and Skinny Orange Chicken!







  1. Paleo Diet by Luisahand

Over 9,000 followers use this board for comprehensive Paleo information, which examines the benefits of the lifestyle as well as giving you new recipes to try.






  1. Paleo on a Budget

This board has money-saving tips for the Paleo lover on a budget. Check out the suggested shopping lists to know the basic ingredients you will need.








  1. Paleo Lifestyle Recipes

A group of different Paleo followers contribute to this board, which offers a range of recipes, including a Paleo-approved Tiramisu!








  1. Paleo Collections

With over 14,000 followers, this board proves that you really can incorporate the Paleo diet into any occasion. My favorite pin from this board has to be “50 Party-Perfect Paleo Appetizers”.







  1. Paleo by Blissfullyafter

I absolutely love this board as it stacked with some quick and easy Paleo recipes including “2-minute Paleo Porridge”. I am also adding “Paleo Breakfast Pizza” to my must-make list!







  1. Paleo Newbie’s Paleo Recipes

Here you will find absolutely every recipe you could need to get started on the road to a Paleo lifestyle. The banana and carrot muffins make for an excellent breakfast on the run.







  1. Paleo Recipes by Skinny M

Over 140,000 people follow Skinny M’s Paleo Recipe board on Pinterest. Even looking at the page gets my mouth watering. I am absolutely going to try the “Zingy Pink Grapefruit Soda” once summer finally arrives!






  1. Paleo Recipes by Fitfluential

Another very popular recipe board for Paleo lovers. There are some particularly nice Paleo-friendly treats on this board, including “Paleo Thin Mints” and “Double Layer Fudge”.







  1. Paleo Guide to Health

23 Paleo Guide to HealthThis board has all the information you need to learn why to choose Paleo and how to get started, including shopping lists and nutritional information.







  1. All Grain Free and Paleo: Tips and Guides

If you are in any doubt about the Paleo lifestyle, this is the board to hit, as it will tell you everything about its evolution and why it is so popular. I also love the “25 Days of Paleo Christmas Recipes.”







  1. Paleo Kids

As a mom of two fussy kids, I love this board, which shows you how you can incorporate Paleo foods into your kids’ diet without compromising on fun or flavor!







The Bottom Line

There is a huge range of benefits associated with the Paleo diet, including sustainable weight loss, improved sleep, and lowered risk of problems like heart disease. These Pinterest boards represent my Top 25 for the Paleo lifestyle and are an ideal source of information, whether you are embarking on your Paleo journey or are just looking for some additional meal ideas.

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