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Guest Blogger Guidelines

We will review your content for potential publication on our site if you abide by each of these rules:

  • All guest posts must provide high-quality, relevant, and original content (not published anywhere else, including your own site). Content should resonate with our audience and contain accurate information.
  • We reserve the right to edit content for SEO and content clarity (grammar, spelling errors, flow).
  • Must be written in blog format – shot paragraphs, bullet points and numbered lists, H2 and H3s, plenty of white space.
  • Needs to have least 1-2 photos from sources that allow you to repurpose their photos for commercial use (such as Pexels and Pixabay). Include links/credit to images.
  • Needs to include a featured image.
  • Word Count should be 800-1000+ words (Preferably 1000+).
  • Should not have red readability in Yoast. Will be sent back if it does not meet this requirement.
  • Include a short bio at the bottom of the page (1-2 sentences).


Do not publish the piece anywhere else. Once your piece has been published on soundbodylife.com, we possess the rights to the content. We are more than happy to give you credit for the piece(s) if you wish, but republishing the content is prohibited as it could hurt all sites involved.

Example Topics

  • 9 Secrets To Keep Your Hair Healthy
  • The Truth About Sleeping In Your Makeup
  • 11 Reasons Why Should Be Switching To Cruelty-Free Products
  • Why You Should Be Feeding Your Baby Organic Formula